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 “Success will only be attracted to the person you become so invest in yourself.”


Leadership development for creative minds in the event industry and event community


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The EnterpreneurCEO conference provides a platform for leadership development for people with creative minds. It also provides a platform for the event community and its entrepreneurial network partners to discuss issues central to entrepreneurial leadership. The conference brings eventpreneurial thought leaders from around the globe to exchange views on leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in today’s fast space, trendsetting, evolving, and unfolding and creative event economy. Speakers include successful entrepreneurs, and innovators who will provide the tools, great insight, strategies, solutions, new ideas necessary for our attendees to ignite and reignite their passion, build their business, develop their leadership qualities and expand their creativity effectively.

This conference was inspired from the desire to Learn about success from a new paradigm perspective of collaboration vs. competition. The founder Mrs. Marcelline Nyambi believe Collaboration is the leached pin to power and she best express her thought by stating “I believe it is time we unite our unique patterns of expression for the greater good by working from a place of benevolent growth, contribution and collaboration not competition” The conference will focus on skill leadership development and the skill-set of entrepreneurship. It will also focus on best legal business practices, business networking and the benevolence of collaboration over competition. The Focus will also be on branding and the power of social media and how to become an influencer and thought leader in your respective industry and so much more

Who should attend?

Remember Success will only be attracted to the person you become so learn to invest in yourself and your craft

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level or looking to become a better leader or looking to maximize your profit or looking to learn new creative ideas and so much more then this is for you.

So this conference is for the event community and its entrepreneurial network partners to include those who are already entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

What will you take away??

 • Growth and development

• Creating a robust digital strategy and harnessing the power of social media

• Business and personal branding

• Best business practices and handling of legal challenges

• Business financing and generational wealth

• Business Networking

• Learn Effective leadership skills and skill-set of entrepreneurship

• Learn how to find Balance in work and life




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