The day of wedding coordinator not only helps with the flow of the event but also with the communication between the vendors (e.g. the photographer will be ready for photos and not out in the cocktail area when the DJ plays the song for the Grand Entrance because the coordinator will have given both a warning. The coordinator take the planning you’ve already done and execute it as you become consumed by things like enjoying your wedding, being photographed looking pretty.You want to walk amongst your guests and look radiant, not to scramble when a vendor runs late or hunt down a bridesmaid who goes missing twelve seconds before the wedding march begins to play. And remember a wedding coordinator is there for YOU. It’s YOUR day and YOU deserve the best! A coordinator will not make decisions for you or take away the fun of planning, but she or he will be there to help you make informed decisions and to ensure that your plan and vision is executed accordingly. 

From my own experience over the years as a venue coordinator and event manager, there is a huge difference between a wedding with a coordinator vs. one without.  Not only are the finishing touches  usually better but also the flow of the event and communication between the vendors. Most offten couples complain they can’t afford a day of coordinaor but what I like  them to think about is  the amount of money they have allocated to feeding their guests, hiring the photographer to take the perfect photos, picking a DJ that will get the party started, so not hiring a day of coordinator is like  having a car and all the passengers but no driver. The day of ccordinator will not only help  orchestrate the whole day but will help ensure your vision is achieved.

I have had couples tell me that their family and friends have volunteered to help them day-of.  But what i tell them is that  while that is a nice gesture, unless their family member is a professional event planner or coordinator, I’m pretty sure it won’t be fine.  Your friends and family members are your guests and should not be working on your wedding day but socializing and celebrating this special day with you. Most often they will be so preoccupied with socializing, taking selfies, and not focused on the important details that make the event run smoothly.  They will not be informed on important decisions or etiquette to running the whole event. (e.g telling and ensuring the guest not to walk infront of the couple or wedding party during their grand entrance or telling the photographer not to block the videophrapher etc etc).

I have also had couples tell me that because they took the full package and the venue coordinator will be present they do not need a day of wedding coordinator but what they fail to realize is that venue coordinators are there because they are hired by the venue to maintain and manage the venue only (i.e. food, rentals, staff, etc…).  They work only to ensure that the customer vision as it partains to their package and contract is realized.  Their main goal is to ensure the facility runs smoothly.  So if you arrive and your guests can’t figure out where they are supposed to sit, don’t look at the venue coordinator to help you out because they won’t have any idea on what you wanted or how and when you wanted the gift bags to be distributed.

In a nut shell, the day of wedding coordinator is the to help you convert your vision into a reality, to ensure that your special day runs smoothly making  timeline management & troubleshooting a priority. They organized and manage vendors, guests & all the details for your wedding day. They are literally a resource of knowledge, a sounding board for decisions, a mediator, a therapist, and a stress reducer. The help coordinate all vendors as well as the venue making sure YOUR big day is everything you dreamed and more!

We know of reputable day of wedding coordinators we can recommend to you!