Wedding/Event Insurance is just plain smart: Why take chances with one of the biggest day of your life?   By Marcelline Nyambi; February 1st, 2017

As the owner of a facility ( that does many weddings and events each year, the hardest part of my job is telling a couple or the family I cannot refund their money due to a cancellation or postponement. My intention with this post is to encourage couples, event host and promoters to purchase wedding /event insurance to help alleviate the huge financial losses they may incur when unfortunate circumstances arise. The caterer, the venue, the dress and the band are quite expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to kiss your financial investments goodbye?

No matter how careful you plan your Event or wedding day, you can suffer a financial loss if mishaps beyond your control occur. Event insurance protection can help things go right, even when things go wrong.  An event or a wedding includes not only the big day but also the events leading up to it. Anyone you hire to deliver or provide a service for your event such as bridal salons, disc jockeys, seamstresses, limousines, decorators, event planners, officiants and caterers have the potential to disrupt your wedding or event. Even the venue site can have serious problems such as a bankruptcy or fire. In a nutshell – problems with vendors and venues can arise.

Event Cancellation / Postponement insurance can protect you against

• Lost deposits/vendor bankruptcy

• Damage to wedding gown, seamstress disappointment, wedding video, wedding photos, wedding rings and much more

• Nonrefundable deposits if you are forced to postpone the entire event due to unforeseen circumstances

• A tornado rendered the venue uninhabitable

• The tuxedos or venue were double rented

• The photographer’s car was stolen with the camera and wedding photos

• The reception venue went out of business

• The wedding gifts were stolen at the reception

• The caterer failed to show

Protecting yourself against such mishaps is the smartest thing to do. If you are thinking of using our venue or if you are already a client of ours and will like more information on this, please feel free to call us at 301-808-000 or 240-882-6450. We can make recommendations for insurance agents who can assist you. Please provide some feedback on this post or share your experiences with us thank you and have a blessed week.


Marcelline Nyambi, Manager

The Hampton Conference Center

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