Happy New Year! We’re so excited to get the New Year started and we hope you are too!

As we enter into a new year, new ideas arise and some stay around. Many event venues such as ourselves find that a theme can help complement and bring to life an event. From structure to decor it helps to tie it all together. This is a great way to get your attendees going and feel as though they are a part of something memorable.

Themes can also help to create a buzz and have your guests remain excited and not to mention the part about getting the outfits for the event. Regardless of the event type, there is a theme to transform your event, improve user experience and only make the whole thing much better. Here are our TOP 3 themes that we look forward to creating this year!

Great Gatsby

This has become quite a popular theme. Especially for black tie, galas and wedding events because of the lavish décor choices and the sparkly gowns. This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on a lower budget, easily represented by the gold and black color palette without any massive props like a feather or hand fan.

Black & White

The traditionally classy event for everything. Simple monochrome clean decor and furniture. Black goes with everything so you can mix it up using other color themes as well such as; black, white and gold and black, white and silver. Plus everyone own’s some black or white wardrobe in their closet.

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are everything from glitz to glam to elegance and let’s not forget, any girl’s best friend. Making all things shiny and sparkly is what it’s all about. From table crystals to embellished center pieces, a little glam can always bring an atmosphere to life. Especially with a touch of purple or gold, you’re find yourself living your best most wonderful life.

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