I want to use this opportunity to show how happy we were during our wedding. We are grateful for your services during our wedding, both your nice decorations, cooperation and we hope to direct and recommending more people to continue renting your hall and other services you can give. One of the things that I really cherish so much was the way you people decorated our backdrop for us  was  amazing. I was happy and still grateful till date. Even though it was a last minute offer, you people still did a good job. I was in love with the decorations. My family and friends are still talking about how beautiful our decorations / back drop was. Secondly, I like the fact that you people allowed us to stay longer to enjoy our moment unlike other people will only allow people to stay till 12midnight. Finally, I really like how big and spacious your hall was. Also parking was never a problem for our guest unlike other places one will find it difficult to get a parking.  I hope you continue with your good work and services that made you exceptional from other hall. Thank you and more grease to your elbow.

Chima and Chinazo